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Rates & Payments

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Johndroe Law, PLLC assesses clients a mix of flat fees, hybrid flat/contingency fees, and hourly fees depending on the nature of the case. 


A tailored notice ​to vacate, including mailing costs, is available to landlords across Texas for a flat rate of $100. This fee is credited in full towards representation in an eviction lawsuit should it become necessary to file one. 

Representation in an eviction case in JP court, for either landlords or tenants, is offered at a flat rate of $750 in Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, Hood, Wise, and Denton counties. 

Representation in an eviction appeal to a county court at law is also offered for a flat rate of $750 in these counties. 

An additional $250 is charged if an eviction lawsuit is based on an allegation of criminal activity. We must respectfully decline representation of any tenant who has been sued for eviction based on any kind of dispute with one or more neighbors or other tenants.

An additional $250 is charged if either party requests a trial by jury.


An additional $100 is charged for cases in courts outside these counties but within a 75-mile radius of the Johndroe Law, PLLC office. An additional $250 is charged for cases in courts outside this radius. (All cases are accepted at the sole discretion of the attorney.) 

These fees do not include court costs. 

Other Landlord/Tenant Litigation - Tenant-Side

For most cases arising under Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code that can properly be filed in Justice of the Peace (JP)/small claims court, representation is offered at the same rates as eviction representation, with the caveat that we may retain 1/3 of any amount collected over the flat fee (aside from costs) or any amount collected over the flat fee specifically for attorney's fees. 

For cases that need to be brought in a county court at law or district court, a hybrid flat/contingency fee will also be offered, however the flat fee will range from $1500-$3500 depending on county and circumstances. 

For tenants sued by landlords for anything other than eviction, an hourly fee of $225 will typically be assessed, except for cases filed in Justice of the Peace (JP)/small claims court. For these cases, a reduced hourly rate of $200 is charged. 

Other Landlord/Tenant Litigation - Landlord-Side 

An hourly fee is typically assessed for landlords who have been sued by tenants or are wishing to sue tenants. The standard hourly rate is currently $225, except for cases filed in Justice of the Peace (JP)/small claims court. For these cases, a reduced hourly rate of $200 is charged. 


Demand Letters

Consumer Litigation 

Collections Matters


Payment plans​ are available through Justice For Me. Visit their website here. For those who qualify and sign up for a payment plan through Justice For Me, no payment other than your initial consultation or notice to vacate fee is required up front, and bills can be paid over a period of up to 18 months.


Except for clients on payment plans through Justice For Me, all payments must be made through LawPay with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted. Payments by cash, personal check, cashier's check, money order, or any other means are not accepted. 


Unless other arrangements are made in advance, payments should be made at

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