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Johndroe Law, PLLC focuses on representing small landlords and tenants in landlord/tenant matters and individuals, families, and small businesses in other consumer and collections matters in Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas. Matters in other parts of Texas may also be handled depending on the circumstances. 

Examples of the types of matters handled include:


  • Evictions

  • Eviction defense

  • Eviction appeals

  • Notices to vacate

  • Demands for repairs

  • Lawsuits dealing with repairs, lockouts, security deposits, security devices, and smoke detectors

  • Writs of re-entry and for restoration of utilities 

  • Housing retaliation and discrimination matters

  • Lawsuits involving executory contracts for deed (or "rent-to-own" contracts)

  • Leases

  • Breach of contract lawsuits

  • Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) cases

  • Debt collection for small businesses

  • Debt collection defense

  • Collection of delinquent rent

  • Simple wills

  • LLC formation

Unfortunately, Johndroe Law is not able to represent, or offer consultations to, tenants facing an eviction for alleged criminal activity against a neighbor or other tenant. Thank you for your understanding. (Johndroe Law is more than happy to serve landlords wanting to evict tenants for this or other conduct, or tenants facing eviction over other allegations.) 


Johndroe Law understands how important it is to keep rates reasonable and simple to understand, so flat fees are offered whenever possible. Eviction representation is available for a flat fee of as low as $750, depending on circumstances. Fees are currently being updated; a revised schedule will be posted online soon. 

Johndroe Law operates a largely "paperless" operation, and payment is generally by credit or debit card or electronic check. PayPal may be used to pay for initial consultations and notices to vacate. Other than for notices to vacate and consultations, payment plans are available through LawPay or Justice For Me. 



Consultation scheduling for potential new c​lients and appointment scheduling for existing clients is available online by clicking here.

Consultations are scheduled for 50 minutes and available for $150 by phone or by Zoom videoconference, or for $200 in person. Your consultation fee will be credited in full towards fees due for legal services should you decide to hire Johndroe Law. 

Barring scheduling conflicts, consultations are typically available in the mornings, with phone and Zoom consultations available Monday through Saturday mornings and in-person consultations available Monday through Thursday mornings. 

Please note that masks will be required for in-person appointments as long they are as recommended by CDC guidelines. 


Notices to vacate are also available for $150. If you are a landlord who needs a notice to vacate, you may enter details and pay online here. The attorney will give you a quick call as soon as possible to finalize your notice to vacate. You may also call or email about your notice to vacate. 

You are also welcome to schedule a consultation if you need more time to discuss your situation. The consultation fee will be credited towards your notice to vacate fee.


Johndroe Law, PLLC's principal office is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Whether to accept any case is always within the sole discretion of Attorney Sam Johndroe.

Sam Johndroe is responsible for the content of this website. While he is licensed to practice in all state and local courts of Texas, and is admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, he is not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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817-752-4111 - sam@johndroelaw.com

All consultations and other meetings are by appointment only. A fee is charged for all consultations that must be paid before the consultation can be scheduled. Free consultations cannot and will not be offered. 

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