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Johndroe Law, PLLC focuses on real estate, landlord/tenant, and select other civil litigation matters. Johndroe Law is based in Fort Worth but matters in other parts of the Dallas/Fort Worth area are also handled, and matters across Texas may be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Examples of the types of matters that Johndroe Law is available to handle include:


  • Lawsuits over "contracts for deed" - for both buyers and sellers

  • Title disputes

  • Commercial landlord/tenant litigation

  • Disputes over security deposits, repairs, lockouts, and other landlord/tenant issues

  • Landlord/tenant collection matters

  • Evictions, including eviction defense and eviction appeals 

  • Lease and other contract disputes 

  • Lease drafting

  • Other real estate drafting

  • Other real estate litigation

  • Foreclosures

  • Civil appeals 

Sam Johndroe also offers real estate and general civil mediations. Click here for more information.

Johndroe Law does not generally handle "small claims" cases.


Consultations for general real estate and other matters are available for $300 by telephone, Zoom videoconference, or in person. These are scheduled for 1 hour.

30-minute phone consultations for simple eviction matters only are offered for $150. For other kinds of matters, please schedule a 1-hour consultation. 

Please click here to schedule and pay for your consultation. 

If you decide to hire Johndroe Law after your consultation, your consultation fee will be credited towards fees for representation.* 


If you are a landlord wanting to start the eviction process with a notice to vacate without first scheduling a consultation, you may purchase one for $150 here


Clients may make retainer payments online by clicking here. All invoices include a link that may be used to make payments for earned fees. 


Johndroe Law, PLLC's principal office is located in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Johndroe Law does not guarantee acceptance of any case or client, and reserves the right to decline any representation. A conflict check will be conducted prior to accepting any client or providing any consultation. Johndroe Law cannot, under any circumstances, accept representation or provide a consultation if a conflict would result. Johndroe Law does not offer free consultations or free legal advice. 

Sam Johndroe is responsible for the content of this website. While he is licensed to practice in all state and local courts of Texas, and is admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, he is not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

*Consultation fees will not be credited towards notice to vacate fees. 

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