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Are you a small landlord who needs a good lease for your rental properties? You typically can't use any decent standard forms (like the TAA or TAR leases) without paying huge membership fees. Don't want to risk using some random lease you found on the Internet? Johndroe Law, PLLC is here to the rescue - we're pleased to offer custom leases tailored to each client at reasonable rates. 


While no one wants to think about their own death, who wants the state to decide what happens to their assets? You may think that you don't have enough money to worry about it, but wills aren't just for rich people. Every adult needs a plan to make sure their spouse, children, and other people who matter the most are protected. 

Every adult should also have a medical power of attorney and other documents in preparation for the worst. If something happens to you tomorrow, do you want someone selected by the state to decide what happens to you? Or do you want a person you picked to decide? 

Luckily, Johndroe Law, PLLC is pleased to offer packages that include simple wills and other important documents. 


Setting up your own business is exciting. It's also extremely stressful, even without having to worry about

complicated legal issues. You don't want to have to sort through it all alone. 

Johndroe Law, PLLC can help with business formation and general consulting, and can represent small businesses in consumer, contract, and collections matters. We can also represent small businesses dealing with issues with their commercial landlords, or small landlords having issues with their tenants.

Click here to schedule your consultation now! 

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