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Will your former landlord not return your security deposit? ​Has your landlord locked you out? Are you having to put up with mold and other dangerous conditions at your rental house or apartment? 

Or maybe you're a landlord whose tenants are falsely accusing you of not fixing problems. Do your tenants call every day with some new issue? Has a tenant sued you when you did nothing wrong? 

Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code provides specific procedures for dealing with issues in residential tenancies like security deposits, repairs, security devices, smoke detectors, illegal lockouts, interruption of utilities, and retaliation by landlords against tenants who report problems. The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure also provides for an expedited, special process for "repair and remedy" cases.

If you are a landlord or tenant dealing with any of these issues, it is very important that you follow all proper procedures. Landlords who fail to follow the correct procedures may find that their tenants are able to unilaterally terminate their leases and that they are no longer able to collect rent. They also risk being required to pay thousands of dollars in civil penalties, attorney's fees, and more. This is why you need an experienced landlord/tenant attorney on your side to help you navigate these issues.  


Similarly, tenants who fail to follow the correct procedures risk being stuck in unsafe living conditions,

being evicted, or even being reported to collection agencies and credit bureaus, hurting their ability to obtain credit or to rent or purchase a home in the future. For example, no matter how bad conditions are, tenants who withhold rent are in most cases unknowingly giving up many of their rights (!) and subjecting themselves to eviction and collection action. On the other hand, when tenants living in dangerous conditions follow the correct procedures, they can terminate their leases and potentially recover those thousands of dollars in damages mentioned above. This is why you, too, need an experienced landlord/tenant attorney.

Representation in these and other landlord/tenant disputes is offered at reasonable rates. And Johndroe Law, PLLC is also pleased to offer other landlord/tenant services, such as drafting, reviewing, and editing residential and commercial leases. For general information about rates and payment policies, click here


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