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45-minute initial consultations are available by phone, by Zoom videoconference, or in person. A modest fee of $75 is charged. This fee must be paid before your consultation can be confirmed, and the attorney won't be able to call you to answer any legal questions before the consultation. If you decide to hire us to represent you, the $75 will be credited in full towards fees for handling your case.

The only way to schedule a consultation is online at If you don't have access to the Internet, we apologize, but we won't be able to schedule a consultation. 

We understand that many of our potential clients may be dealing with matters that are inherently urgent, such as evictions. If your matter is time-sensitive, it is always best to try to schedule a consultation as early as possible to increase the chance that you can be accommodated. 

Regardless of your situation, the attorney cannot provide a consultation before the first available time indicated on Calendly. If you require assistance earlier, we are very sorry, but have no choice but to encourage you to look for a different attorney. While we understand that it may be difficult to find another attorney, we have a very high-volume practice and the needs of existing clients (which will include you, if you hire us!) must come first. 

Consultations and other appointments must be scheduled in advance. If you show up at the office unannounced, the attorney likely won't be in. Even if he is, he may not be available.

Flooring Consultation
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