Initial consultations are available either over the phone or in person. A modest fee of $75 is charged. This fee must be paid before your consultation can be confirmed, and the attorney won't be able to call you before your consultation. If you decide to hire us to represent you, the $75 will be credited in full towards fees for handling your case.

The only way to schedule a consultation is online at If you don't have access to the Internet, we apologize, but we won't be able to schedule a consultation. In addition to requiring that those seeking consultations have Internet access, we require that all our clients have a valid email address and Internet access throughout the course of representation. 

Why don't you offer free consultations?

We don't offer free consultations for several reasons. First, because the sheer volume of requests we receive for these consultations is so large, our attorney would be spending all day providing free consultations if we offered them. He wouldn't be able to serve existing clients effectively, including you, if you decide to hire him! At the very least, he would have to significantly increase his rates, and he wants his services to be as affordable as possible.  

Second, many of our callers are in need of some advice, but may not be able to afford representation, or may not truly need it. Free consultations offered by attorneys are generally limited to figuring out whether the attorney can represent you, and in some cases to "selling" the attorney's services. They don't usually include providing legal advice or answering legal questions because attorneys can't afford to do this for free. 


Because we collect a fee, Mr. Johndroe is better able to delve into the legal issues and try to point you in the right direction even if you aren't able to hire him. He's better able to tell you when it's not worth spending the money actually hiring him or another attorney. He's also able to devote more time to each consultation. 

Our consultation fee is modest -- just $75 for 30 minutes, when the average attorney's rate is approximately $300 per hour! And again, we credit the consultation fee in full towards fees due if you decide to hire Johndroe Law to represent you. We think that this "middle ground" between a standard hourly rate and a free consultation is the best way to serve both prospective clients and those who may "just have a few questions," but who aren't really able to hire an attorney.



Time-Sensitive Matters

Note that Mr. Johndroe practices law full time, and his schedule includes trials, hearings, mediations, depositions, travel, continuing education classes, discovery deadlines, and other obligations. 

We understand that many of our potential clients may be dealing with matters that are inherently urgent, such as evictionsSometimes consultations may not be available for a week or more. If your matter is time-sensitive, it is always best to try to schedule a consultation as early as possible to increase the chance that you can be accommodated. 

Regardless of your situation, Mr. Johndroe cannot provide a consultation before the first available time indicated on Calendly. If you require assistance earlier, we are very sorry, but have no choice but to encourage you to look for a different attorney. While Mr. Johndroe understands that it may be difficult to find another attorney, the needs of existing clients (which will include you, if you hire him!) must come first. 

Appointment Policy

Consultations and other appointments must be scheduled in advance. As a trial lawyer with a busy schedule, Mr. Johndroe is not able to keep regular office hours. If you show up at the office unannounced, he likely won't be in. Even if he is, he may not be available. 



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